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Does baby girls profile/nose look okay?

Side note : I know and full on understand this isn’t a place filled with OB knowledge but sometimes some slight reassurance helps.

At 20 weeks baby girl was showing echogenic bowel which resolved itself at 24 weeks. PRUV. And at 33 weeks I had Polyhydramnios which now at 34 weeks has resolved as well. I guess now I’m just nervous because I’m staring at my daughters ultrasound photos over analyzing whether she looks okay and I know ultrasounds aren’t 100 % but I keep reading up on Down syndrome associated with some of what I have. 

Re: Does baby girls profile/nose look okay?

  • Did you do the first (NIPT) or second trimester (Quad) genetic screenings? Even without them, they do still take measurements - like the nuchal translucency - during U/S that would help to show if there are any indicators. If you're concerned, definitely bring it up with your OB. I know the google rabbit hole is easy to get lost in, but your OB will be your best source of info (and comfort)!
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  • Hello, yes I did have NT and nipt done both came back negative and normal.
  • Google is like the worst resource for Down syndrome... Look at all the cute kids on Instagram instead, also with Ds heart defects are common along with thyroid problems - my daughter has neither so her anatomy scan came back normal but she surprised us at birth by having Ds - we are super lucky that she didn't need heart surgery and isn't on any medication right now! Having low muscle tone is also an indicator of Ds, so when my daughter was born she needed to be on oxygen for a little while, she spent 16 days in the NICU, for some babies with Ds feeding can be an issue because of that low tone - it just takes time for them to learn and for some build up the strength. We ended up having to thicken her milk so that she wouldn't aspirate but I've also seen examples of women successfully still being able to breastfeed their baby, Ds is such a mixed bag of surprises and your child will continue to surprise you, don't let people tell you what your kid can't do (they don't actually know) - if your baby does end up having Down syndrome, you'll grieve the child that could have been, I remember being scared and uncertain and knowing nothing, now two years in I am still learning as I go but she is wonderful and I couldn't imagine my family without her! There is a big community out there if you find yourself lucky enough to be part of this club. I'll add pictures of my sweet girl because she's adorable 😍 sorry for the long reply....i just didnt want you to to feel scared and alone if I coul share my experience and maybe help with some of that
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