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Tuesday Tangents 6/28

We are going to run a lot of errands today to get our home ready for the new baby ( or at least start to). Anyone else feeling overwhelmed by house projescts/baby prep?

Feel free to post any other tangents below.

Re: Tuesday Tangents 6/28

  • @ponyoisfun We have SO MANY house projects. We inherited my in-laws house when they passed and they didn’t do much for upgrading and upkeep. Picture walking right in to a late 70’s home, orange kitchen sink with lemon yellow counters, baby blue tub/shower/toilet/sinks, orange shower in guest bath, etc. So we have slowly been checking things off the list: resurfacing the kitchen counters, paint the exterior, redo the pipes, remove old carpet. It’s never ending!

    Here’s our before and after of the kitchen. My MIL glued those stick on flooring tiles on the backsplash and they were a nightmare to peel off!
  • We had a mouse issue a bit ago and discovered when we went to transform the guest room into the nursery that they'd enjoyed time in there as well. We finally got the rest of the room de-trashed and sanitized last night, so now we can go in there maskless, and we can actually make headway on decluttering/storing/organizing in there!
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  • Spent yesterday running around to appointments and the dealership. Spending today chasing down things to get our new vehicle in our name. I can't wait for this to be done!
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  • Ugh yes! We just finished some foundation work in our basement last week and can’t lay carpet down there or take basement things back for 5 weeks now. We have to hang, mud and paint all new drywall. 
    Our living room needs new carpet but we can’t do that until the basement toys and furniture are taken back down. I was hoping to get it all done before the third trimester but it’s looking like it won’t. My husband is going to be out of town for 2 weeks twice before October, with schedules it will barely get done before baby comes. We just plan on putting her in a mini crib somewhere though, then have her share a room with our daughter when she’s over a year old and/or STTN. I really detest the thought of home improvements with a newborn in the house!
  • @chuckle_sandwich What an amazing redo!  I can totally relate to the feeling of endlessly upgrading - our house is from the 50s and we had to redo the whole kitchen right away.  
  • We have a 102 year old house and have been gradually renovating over the last 2 years. One thing we haven't done is the bedrooms. We know they are insulated with sawdust and have lath and plaster walls. Each only has one outlet as well. The windows were done in May. What will be the nursery still has an external door to what used to be a walk out 2nd floor porch. It was taken out to accommodate the bay window below it that we added in May. Right now there are just 2x4s nailed over the door on both sides to keep it from being able to open. I told DH that the bedrooms MUST be done before baby comes. We had a contractor out last night to take measurements and notes on what we want and should be getting a quote by early next week. He said he can for sure schedule the work for before October. Which gives me hopefully a month to decorate before baby arrives.
  • @ponyoisfun yes! We moved into our house almost 2 years and have been renovating as we go. We just cleaned out the closet in the babies room. I'll be ripping out the shelf in there, painting it, and installing new shelving. We have interior doors that need to be installed and replaced. There's yellow wallpaper in our foyer, up our staircase, and into the upstairs hallway. I really wanted to tear it out and paint but decided there's no way we have time for that. So I'll be painting over it with a neutral paint color for now. I want to paint the backsplash in our kitchen and refinish the countertops. Our original plan was to replace them but I think we've decided to instead take that money and put in a privacy fence and stamped concrete patio in the backyard.

    I struggle taking the time right now to do projects though. It's summertime and I'd hate to miss out on this time with our two kids so I spend most of my time with them. By the time I get them to bed I'm watering and weeding the garden, showering, and I usually read for an hour before bed. There's no time!! I just refinished 2 cabinets in our dining room. It took me a few months. I really enjoy house projects but if things don't happen until the kids are older then they don't happen. This time is too short.

    @chuckle_sandwich the kitchen transformation looks amazing! Do you mind telling me what you did for the counters? I desperately want to do ours. I've skimmed a few videos on YouTube and it looks relatively easy.

    @mflowers929 this is another thing on our list of things to do. We need a bigger car now that we are adding baby number 3. The thought of taking both kids to a car dealership is so daunting. What kind of car are you getting?

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    @dumbledoredies oh God, it wasn't easy. We all went the first time but there was a mess up while we were on our test drive and they gave our salesperson another couple to deal with so we waited around for an hour during which I wound up taking both kids out to the vehicle before dude came out and apologized and we made a plan to come back after vacation.
    Monday hubby went by himself to test drive two and just drove them to our house so I could check them. He did all of the financial stuff so I only had to go sign when we were approved. Dumped them both in the stroller and gave them our phones to play with/watch.
    Unfortunately we went from a 7 seater to a 5 seater, but it was a compromise. Our van needed a new engine which was going to cost as much as the van was worth. Hubby really wanted a Jeep Wrangler but it's a little out of our price range given that we still had a decent amount of loan on the van so we compromised on a Jeep Grand Cherokee

    Sorry, that wound up being a longer answer than I anticipated XD
    Momma to 3 angels and two amazing children
    F born June 2018
    W born September 2020
    #3 due November 2022
  • @dumbledoredies We used sheet laminate/Formica. There’s a little learning curve to doing it, I watched SO MANY YouTube videos. But with a good little router and some patience we were able to do it ourselves. The old counters were 70’s Formica so we made sure it was cleaned well and installed the new stuff over top. 
  • @ponyoisfun Oh my goodness yes!! We moved into our house a year ago (July 1st to be exact) and it is our first home. That being said, we have a lot of house projects that we listed and it feels like there is so much work to be done. Unfortunately, we’ve only completely remodeled two of the spaces in our home and of course one of them is the bedroom that baby will have when he gets here! Our plans were to start working on some of these projects this summer, but I had a really terrible virus and have been useless with any tasks. It’s feeling overwhelming that we have so much to work on before baby gets here and I just know this time is going to fly by! 
  • So yesterday my OB office calls and says “hi, you’re supposed to have your anatomy scan here next Wednesday, but actually your appointment needs to be scheduled at the perinatal center for a level 2 ultrasound.” I asked for clarification and they basically were just like “yeah, it should have been on your notes but wasn’t sooo now you have to call them to schedule an appt.” I start freaking out because I have no idea what level 2 means, and I’m supposed to get the anatomy scan next week before I go to NJ for three weeks. WELL! Call the perinatal center and 1. They won’t schedule me for 2-3 days so they can “approve” my referral, and 2. I have to go there because I have a BMI over 25. What the literal fuck!! I get it, it’s better to have higher quality ultrasounds and having a higher BMI means it could be harder to get a clear image right off the bat but why TF does a women’s center OB not have an ultrasound machine that can scan women with a BMI over 25! And why didn’t they tel me when I scheduled this two months ago! Now I probably won’t get my anatomy scan until I come back at like 23-24 weeks, if I can even get in then 😭
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  • @sunshine2417 I'm sorry about the runaround and frustration, but if it makes you feel a little better, I believe "level 2 ultrasound" is just another name for an anatomy scan.
  • @sunshine2417 so lame though- They really need to get with the program that women don't all come in the same size and we still need healthcare in a timely fashion. 
  • I know it’s Thursday but…why did Taco Bell bring back the Mexican pizza and then put up a sign says sorry but we’re sold
    out. They knew it would be a huge deal how in the world did they run out! Even though I am the one that’s pregnant my husband has had all the weight gain and cravings. So when he said Mexican pizzas for dinner that is all I wanted and there are none and now all other food at this point is gross. I just don’t understand why they were not prepared! 
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