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Monday Bitchfest 6/27

While we were out of town my parents came by our house and weed whacked our whole front yard without our permission or letting us know.  They know gardening is my thing and that I have the drip set up in a very specific way.  What's almost worse is that when we asked them about it while we were still out of town (we have cameras up while on vacation and had seen them do it) they just kept saying "it's a surprise."  I am mad because all of it infers that our yard is "so crappy" they have to clean it up and that we are incapable of taking care of it.  For the record we live in a bit of a rough neighborhood, but our house is always well kept and any stray grass just fits right in with the rest of the neighbors.  We have several beautiful fruit trees in front, rosemary, wisteria.  It is actually quite lovely, but apparently not good enough for my mom. 😤

Care to bitch?

Re: Monday Bitchfest 6/27

  • @ponyoisfun oh no! I would be upset too!

    Hubby came with to the anatomy scan today. They're still screening for covid at our hospitals but went down a level last week (from red to orange). Even still he's allowed to come with to the 20 week scan. The screener tried to tell us he wasn't allowed. Uh, no lady, my hubby is coming.
    And then, of course, he had deleted the picture of his vaccination off of his phone! "Well I didn't think we needed it anymore".... WTF husband. Don't do that unless and until I tell you, jeez. Luckily they let him in but they're like "next time..."
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