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Best hands free wearable breast pump?

I wasn’t able to breastfeed my first baby but I really want to give it another try with my second considering the formula shortage! But I’ll need a pump that I’ll be able to use with a newborn and a toddler and I figured the only way I’ll be able to make that work is with a wearable breast pump! Any recommendations on the best ones? I’ve seen good reviews about Elvis but I’d love some feedback from other moms!

Re: Best hands free wearable breast pump?

  • Not Elvis! Elvie! Lol
  • first time mom, so I don’t have any personal feedback but my salon co owner used the Elvie and loved it! She pumped all day while working on clients and never had a problem, plus it seemed very discreet and quiet. 
    Hands free seems like a godsend for busy breastfeeding mamas. 
    That’s what I plan to get
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  • following, with baby number 3 and also working as a nurse I think I’m going to splurge for one 
  • My mother in law got me a haakaa petal breast pump (silicone, empowered) that I'm hoping works well. 1st time mom though so I haven't tried it yet. 
  • jval2jval2 member
    I used an Elvie for 3 months straight with my first and it was nice to have hands free but there are some catches. My cousin also used them for 5 months and her opinions are the same. It was convenient, but you couldn’t bend over with them on or the milk would leak everywhere. Also, we found that it didn’t get as much milk as our Medelas. The suction can be a lot more painful than the normal pumps also. I can’t tell you how many times I would take the pumps off and it would be full of blood. It got to a point where I only used them out of necessity, my Medea was my go-to. Not as convenient but it always got at least an extra ounce or two and it was way more comfortable. I still think about those pumps and I cringe in pain. I definitely don’t plan on using them this time around unfortunately. 
  • Thank you so much for this feedback this is really helpful!! 
  • I used the willow while at work and in the NICU with my son. We made it to 2 years breastfeeding. It was awesome. Little bit of a learning curve but worked great once we got the bugs worked out. I also had a regular madela pump at home I used sparingly
  • gray_momgray_mom Just Joined
    The Ameda Mya Joy PLUS is a great hands free pump and it's really affordable! You do have to wear a pumping bra with it. But the plus version is rechargeable and has a wrist lanyard so you don't have to be tied to a wall outlet.
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