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Coping with anxiety

I found out last week we’re pregnant again - about 5 weeks. Previously miscarried in January (first pregnancy). I thought having already been through it, my anxiety would be less the next time we conceived, but it definitely is not. I’m over thinking the inconsistency of symptoms and worrying about doing too much or something wrong (logically I know I didn’t do anything to cause the first miscarriage but my brain doesn’t always believe that). My first appointment with my Dr isn’t for another 2 weeks…..any tips on how to handle the anxiety and scariness that comes along with being pregnant again?

Re: Coping with anxiety

  • I hope things are going well for you!! 
    My therapist recommended progressive muscle relaxation (when you sit or lie down then tense and relax individual muscles one at a time; there are lots of guiding videos on YouTube), she also suggested taking 10-15 min to do dedicated worry time (write all that worries you during that time), or regular journaling. 
    I'm in a similar boat as you. Miscarried a year ago, finally pregnant again, going on 8 weeks. My appointment is in a week, but my symptoms are not very strong and I am terrified. I wish I felt more pregnant. I'm convinced I had a missed miscarriage. Trying to do what my therapist said to stay sane. Again, hoping things are going great for you! 🙏🙏🙏
  • We had a wonderful session today with my group on soulside, the group lead shared a bunch of anxiety techniques including grounding. It's been pretty amazing if you want to check out
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