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Two middle name or not Two middle name…

To make a long story short, we’re struggling on middle names between my husband using an honor name and me using an honor name. The name we’ve agreed on is Beckham… BUT the honor name I want to use is Jackson, unfortunately the initials BJ isn’t my favorite for… obvious reasons.
We figured maybe we can use both of our honor names - Beckham Troy Jackson F.

Thoughts on two middle names? Thoughts on initials BJF? Or do we just do Troy or our backup non honor name Hayes that we both just liked?

Last name is Italian and 2 syllables.

Beckham Troy Jackson F
Beckham Troy F
Beckham Jackson F
Beckham Hayes F

Re: Two middle name or not Two middle name…

  • I like the double middle name
  • I did a double middle name with my first son and have every intention of doing it again this time around. My only regret is not doing double middle names with my oldest two.
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  • If you want to use Jackson as a middle name I would use Troy as the first middle name to avoid BJ. I went to school with a girl whose initials were BJ and she still has that nickname despite being married (no longer her initials) and it having been 15-20 years since HS. 
    Tbh though, my favorite of your choices is Beckham Hayes. I think it has the best flow. 
  • My husband has 2 middle names and insists that we stick to 1 middle name and no hyphenated names because he hates it so much, mostly because it makes his full name too long for most forms and he feels like it’s pretentious.

    But every kid and every family is different, and lots of people grow up to have opinions about their names that their parents never could have predicted, so you just have to go with what you like.
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    I like Troy or Hayes, one middle name 
  • I personally love the double middle name all my kids have 2 first and middle names I also have 2 middle names
  • If there is a reason for the second middle name, go for it! 

    My second middle name growing up was my mother’s maiden name. It is the same for all my siblings and we loved having a part of that family in our names growing up. When I married, I changed my second middle name to be my maiden name. My husband and I are carrying on the tradition with our kids. It links them to both sides of the family while still having a simple first/last name combo for general use. 
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