1st Trimester


15 DPO BETA #1 170
17 DPO BETA #2 370

I see so many women with crazy numbers I understand the range is huge but does this mean my baby won’t measure normal? I wish I understood this. My nurse said that it doubled plus so it’s looking really good and didn’t offer for me to do a 3rd blood draw. Can anyone give me insight? Or help me understand. Do we think this is normal? I wish I could stop comparing myself to others.


  • bows22bows22 member
    my beta at 15 DPO was 92 and the at 17 DPO was 206 or something like that. I’m 23 weeks pregnant now. Your numbers are great, like your nurse said it more than doubled. If you Google beta calculators the range of normal is huge, the doubling is the only thing that matters really. 
  • Thank you so much! I needed someone to tell me their story their experience with this! This makes me feel so much better !
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  • Do you remember cramping a lot ? Or off and on?
  • Do you remember cramping a lot ? Or off and on?
  • 14 DPO 94
    16 DPO 146
    20 DPO 631
    24 DPO 1879

    This is my 4th kid. Cramping is normal on and off. If it’s consistent and very painful usually a few hours later a miscarriage happens. I agree there’s a crazy range of hcg many women are in the several thousands right away and makes people with lower numbers very paranoid!
  • I feel the same way. My first draw was 116 and then my draw Friday was 565! I still don’t “feel” pregnant minus the insanely sore breasts.
  • I cramp a lot my whole pregnancies. Sometimes I spot and everything is always good.
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