November 2022 Moms

HDBD 6/22

We haven't had very many of these.
Whose got a bump pic to share?
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Re: HDBD 6/22

  • I have been terrible about taking pictures. 20w4days today. 
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  • 20 weeks today. I’ve gained about 10 lbs. so far and have been trying to keep to healthy eating and daily walks. Hoping I don’t gain more than 25 since I already have extra weight...but just this this week I gained 4 so that worries me, hopefully it’s just a little growth spurt!

  • I’m 21w/3d and feel like my bump is crazy big already. I had my anatomy scan yesterday and baby was measuring in the 96th percentile. I’m very petite pre-pregnancy and have gained nearly 15lbs so far. 😳 my doctor wasn’t concerned though and said everything looked great!
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