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Please Help! Miscarriage at 3 weeks?


On the 16th of June, I done a pregnancy test which was positive. A few days later, I started to bleed quite heavy and I’m assuming I had/ am currently having a miscarriage. However, according to (what I thought was) my last period, I am only around 3 weeks pregnant. I am aware that a miscarriage at 3 weeks would resemble a heavy period, but from what I have seen after wiping, I am certain that I am further than 3 weeks - maybe around 8. I have seen strange looking blood clots after wiping (slightly resembling a tiny fetus), so, my question is, would this be possible at 3 weeks, or am I further? I have not yet seen a doctor as this has all happened very quickly.

Re: Please Help! Miscarriage at 3 weeks?

  • @jdee98 It's almost impossible to pop a BFP at 3 weeks.  I'm assuming you mean you're 3 weeks post-O, so really 5 weeks PG?  Additionally, it is possible to have spotting and heavy bleeding and not MC.  If you had a positive test, then you really need to get off of the internet and call your doctor and ask their advice/input for your specific situation at this point.
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  • jdee98jdee98 Newbie
    Thank you for replying!! (Sorry this is my first time so all the dates are very confusing to me), by 3 weeks, I meant 3 weeks since I had intercourse. At the time of doing the test, I had only had intercourse 3 weeks prior. Before this, the last time I had intercourse was around 9 weeks ago, but I only missed a period a few weeks
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  • jdee98jdee98 Newbie
    ** I only missed a period about a week and a half ago. Unless the other periods weren’t actually periods? I’m going to the doctors tomorrow.
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