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I'm just trying to figure out what was she thinking!!??

So I have to vent for a second. I had an anatomy scan this morning and everything was looking just great. The nurse asked, for the 100th time, if I wanted to know the sex. For the 101st time, I said NO. BUT, I'd appreciate if you put it in an envelope for my partner since his job wouldn't let him have the morning off. She said ok, so we proceeded looking at the rest of the body. The baby was soooo active! So for the next 5 minutes, after she's made me turn my head and close my eyes so that she could type the gender on the pic, every reference to baby was "she." I mean, did she not hear me? Did she not understand?? So now my lil "wait until delivery day" surprise is ruined. I'm so upset!

Re: I'm just trying to figure out what was she thinking!!??

  • Oof that really sucks. I'm sorry the nurse was so oblivious.
  • That is so frustrating! 
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  • @jayc21 you have every right to be pissed! It's such a special and major surprise. I would be SO bummed and we also do not want to know and have been very transparent about that. I had my anatomy scan yesterday. 
    But... congratulations on your little girl. <3 
  • Do you remember whether she had been using that pronoun beforehand? She might just have a go-to one that she uses all the time so she doesn’t have to remember everyone’s preferences.
  • jayc21jayc21 member
    Listen, I'm excited to have baby girl on board! Her father and I are in love with her already but I just didn't have to know what she was until that day. It's going to be nice to be able to shop ahead and let others know what they should buy for, but I just wanted a healthy baby and didn't care. With my toxoplasmosis diagnosis originally to being 42 and considered AMA, sex was far away from my mind! As for the pronoun used ahead of time, she was using it beforehand. I'm over it now, a little anyway, but I was REALLY upset 
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