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Facebook group for November 2022 moms?

I saw something similar was started for September (accidentally joined and got booted). Have you seen anything similar for our month? I understand privacy and safety is everyone's top concern but a lot of good support and camaraderie can come from it. Figured it was worth asking the question. 

Re: Facebook group for November 2022 moms?

  • We've talked about it a tiny bit but not much. I know there are a few people on here who don't have Facebook or don't want to connect their real-life profile. I mentioned a bit ago in the board organization thread, but I know the June group made a Discord server, which I feel like might be a good option that stays private, but also allows the anonymity of a message board type thing.
  • @fantasyflyte thank you for the info. 
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  • I’m willing to join a Facebook group closer to our due dates. I only have Facebook and I’m not really willing to creat any other accounts because I barely keep up with fb lol so Discord would be out for me 
  • For my first child, we created a group and ended up so close we ended up hosting small play dates during maternity leave for moms in our area. 
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    Not interested at all. If I wanted to join an FB group, I could have at the beginning instead of here, and we’d all have gotten to know each other just as well as we would be after a few months on here and then switching. 

    These groups frequently have catfish in them, too, just FYI. It happened in one of my former BMBs, and I’ve heard of it in many others. I never joined FB, and the bump group kind of died. But a few months later, someone came back and posted all the drama. Someone had asked for money for her sick kid and then ended up taking her family to Disneyland. The person insisted her kid was sick, but even people with sick kids need vacations, but there was supposedly other stuff that didn’t add up. There was a bunch of back and forth arguing on the board before the bump admin shut it down. 

    Although I have to say, if you think it’s a good idea to send money to people you don’t know on the internet, I don’t have a lot of sympathy if you get taken for a ride. 
  • Could we switch to a private group on here?
    I enjoy this community, but don’t have Facebook.
  • In my last BMB we went to a private board around this time and then closer to our due dates we went to FB. We had lots of checks in place to make sure there wasn't any catfishing (pictures with signs, etc) and for the people who were really interested it wasn't a big deal.
    It's been really nice to be on FB with the ladies and we've almost all friended each other outside of the group as well so we can "like" and comment on our public posts as well as have each other to talk and vent to about children/husband's/life in the safety of our private group.
    All that to say - I would be willing to go to a group later as long as there are checks in place to make sure we are all actual pregnant people with good intentions.
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  • @mflowers929 same here with my first two groups. We vetted the members and we’ve been tight communities ever since. 
  • I'm up for a FB group closer to due date. I'd also be willing to try discord if more people prefer that. I've never used it before.
  • @mflowers929 I second that. Checks and validation are key. I know good camaraderie and relationships can flourish if this is done right. 
    I do marketing and social media work for a living and I'm not looking to join ANOTHER platform, so I prefer to use what I have. I get kind of burned out. I get that not everyone is like me. The Bump probably serves its purpose, but its strength is not easy/timely communication and notifications with other members. 
  • My other two bmbs switched to a private bump group around everyone’s 20 week mark and then Facebook closer to due dates so we were all more comfortable sharing birth stories. I’d prefer Facebook as well so I’m not adding another platform to check. 
  • I’m open for private bump group then to Facebook closer to the due dates.   That’s what we did with my last bump group and it’s worked out well 
  • Both of my previous BMBs went to private group here, then to Facebook once vetted and I’ve had great experiences! I’ve met up with a lot of the women from both boards, a lot of us did a big family vacation to Florida in february, and I am going on a cruise with a bunch of them next spring. It’s really become a close and tight-knit community. 

    Unfortunately TB is not most conducive for timely communication and getting to know each other deeper, and most boards fizzle within the last month once people have their babies. 
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  • I'm up for a private bmb as I don't have fb.  I live in a big "small town" and desperately need a place to talk to people's anonymously.
  • We could also always do both a FB and a discord or private bmb. It'd probably split into two separate groups with a little spillover, but no one would get left behind for not having a fb or not making a new social account. 
  • I’d love a private FB group. Count me in.
  • I am up for whatever, but like the idea of waiting until a little closer to due dates! 
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