How does your kid reach the sink?

I don’t know about you, but I feel like most public restrooms are not designed with small kids in mind, Soap dispensers and hairdryers/paper towels are normally to high for my kiddo to access without my help, that and reaching the Fossett is also very difficult, and much to my surprise, most places don’t even bother to put stepstools under the counter. I should also mention that my son is relatively short for his age. My guy needs help with being able to reach everything in order to wash his hands.

How does your four year old reach the sink? How do I lift my son up and also help him wash his hands? I don’t want to set him up on to the dirty counter, but I’m finding it hard to hold him over the sink and help wash his hands at same time. How do you raise your kid up and help them wash? You only have two hands.

Re: How does your kid reach the sink?

  • Have you considered using a faucet extender? I use the ones Munchkin makes and they help my almost-3yo (who is petite herself) reach faucets that are too far away. You slip it on to the end of the faucet then turn on the water, and it brings the water flow about 4 inches closer. In your case, you may still have to hold your son up, but probably not as far over the sink.
    Good luck! :)
  • Sorry for the delay in response. I have been incredibly busy 😀. 

    Yes, my boy is a tiny thing, At the house I have a fairly tall stepstool in the restroom to help him reach the sink, and even then he is on his tippy toes struggling to reach the water, let alone the handles. 

     I was mainly talking about public restrooms, I am having a hard time lifting him up to the sink and holding him there while I get soap and Help him wash his hands.

    how do you lift your daughter up to the sink and a sister with washing hands when there isn’t a stepstool in the public restroom? 
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