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Weight Gain in 2nd trimester

I'll be 14wks tomorrow. 12wk scan was normal and NIPT was normal too. I noticed that I am not gaining weight yet. I was 148-150 lb (BMI 26-27) before pregnancy and I am still in the same range. Guidelines say that I am supposed to gain 0.5 lb per week. Has anyone experienced this?

Re: Weight Gain in 2nd trimester

  • I don’t gain weight until the 3rd trimester, this is my 3rd pregnancy and it’s been the same every time. The guidelines are just guesses, and not written in gold. Discuss this with your doctor, if they’re concerned they’ll be able to help you but my guess would be that they won’t be concerned. 
  • I’m 17 weeks and I’ve only gained 1lb so far. Every body is different and as long as the baby is growing and progressing you should be ok. I just went to my OB yesterday and I was surprised I haven’t gained more weight since my belly has definitely grown in the last 2 weeks. If you have any questions you should ask your dr. 
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  • I started pregnancy at 177lb with a BMI of 29. I’m 18 weeks and 179lbs. My stomach is definitely shopping a bump and my uterus is up to my bellybutton. I walk and am moderately active, but I’m not hitting the gym. I eat pretty healthy/ not processed foods 5/7 days and tend to indulge a bit on the weekends. I spoke to my OB today and she said she’s completely happy with my progress. She anticipates at this rate, I’d gain about 20lbs. She said to keep doing exactly what I’m doing. 
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    All of these posts are so helpful. I was also worried because I wasn't gaining weight, haven't had nausea or constipation, haven't been exercising for 3+ months, and have actually tried to overcompensate on calories. And yet my BMI/weight remains the same: 140 lbs, 21 BMI.

    I'm 16½ weeks.

    My doctor wasn't concerned, so that's helpful. It seems like it's normal for the 1st/2nd trimesters.

    I will be concerned maybe if we don't gain weight in the third trimester, but I have heard of women still not gaining weight then — and it's perfectly OK because the baby still takes the nutrients he or she needs. 😁

    But definitely ask your health care provider if you're concerned.
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