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We don’t even know the gender yet but obviously have nailed down our favs.. for the boys we have a bunch of options but for a girl we’ve kinda nailed it down to Robin. I have always loved the name and it’s really grown on my husband too. When we tell family members our name choices everyone seems the least excited about Robin though.. so idk if I’m overthinking that but trying to kinda gauge a general opinion on it. I personally am a fan of unisex names for girls but I think I’m biased because I have a kinda masculine name. The reactions have kinda been “oh the only robins I know are boys” versus “oh wow so cute!!” When we listed our other choices (Millie and Mackenzie). So looking for an outsider perspective!! Thank you :) 

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  • The only Robins I know are women! I know no male Robin.  

    I think its refreshing. 
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    I've only ever met female Robins as well. I also like your other name choices too, so can't go wrong IMO
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  • The only male Robin I know of is Batman’s sidekick. I imagine it as more of a female name myself.
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  • Personally, I think it’s a strong unisex name! And could be a great choice if your team green. I like it over Millie and Mackenzie.

    However, like many, I have never met a female Robin but I have seen many on TV! I have know many males with the name notably my current boss and my college roommate.

    And don’t worry about your family, as long as you and you SO like it, that’s what matters. I won’t tell my family my name choices until the little one is born, it gives me way less anxiety and the opportunity to keep a clear mind about what I like and don’t.
  • I think Robin is a beautiful name for a girl. The only two male Robin’s I know are Robin Williams and Batman’s sidekick. Also if you’ve ever watched how I met your mother - one of the female main characters is named Robin - and she’s a great actress to name a daughter after. I’ve even considered it many times.
  • Robin is very nice! Stick with what you and yh like! This is your baby to name. Other people have already gotten a chance to name their children or will get their own chance. 
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    I think Robin is great! Refreshing and gender neutral and reminds me of spring. I strongly prefer it over Mackenzie. 
  • i have a male friend named Robin! very sweet guy. he typically goes by “Robbie”, but i always found it cool that it was “Robin” instead of “Robert”.
  • I love Robin for a girl! Unisex names are so adorable and Robin is strong. Go with what you and your husband like not the opinions of others even if it’s family. 
  • I only know one male Robin in real life and he was named after his aunt who died. I have known several female Robins. I think it is a perfectly acceptable name for a girl. If you want to make it more feminine, use a feminine sounding middle name. 


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  • I love this name. I know a lot of females with this name.
  • Robin is a great name. I like Millie more as a nickname for Camille or something like that. 
  • I think it would be a great name for a boy or girl. I only know a male Robin. It's a lovely name. 
  • I only know female Robins. It’s your child, so only you and your husband’s opinions matter when naming your child 💜
  • Robin is my sister's name. We love it! I also work with a Robyn. Beautiful name!
  • I like the spelling Robyn personally for a girl!
  • I’ve learned not to tell anyone our baby names! Everyone judges! Especially our parents. You do you! And robin is such a cute name for a baby girl. Don’t worry about what anyone else says. The babies grow into their names and they each fit them really well.
  • I love Robin. I have multiple family members (maternal and paternal) with the name. They're all women. One is called "Birdie" as a nn. I think it's sweet.
  • Love this name!!!
  • I had a male friend in college named robin and he always complained how it was “obviously” a girls name. Lol. I know both male and female Robins. Can’t go wrong with that one. Super cute. 

    We stopped sharing potential name options with family members. Too many opinions swirling and I find myself a bit too obsessed with trying to pick one my mom likes. Stick with what you like! My sister in law years ago printed a Christmas card with the baby’s name and ultrasound and sent it to everyone so everyone would stop trying to change her mind about the name. 
  • I didn’t like this name UNTIL you mentioned the male version… that made me like it more. Do what YOU want!  And I agree- just don’t tell people before. 
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