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WTF Wednesday 6/15

Anything you need to rant about?

Re: WTF Wednesday 6/15

  • We're on vacation with my parents right now. Today we drove an hour and a half to get to a reconstructed town and fort. They took me there when I was 1, but obviously I don't remember it. So we wanted to explore a bit. But my parents both had like one specific place they wanted to see and were hurrying us around. Plus my mom hasn't been exercising her injured knee and has been resorting to a wheelchair which means a lot of places were off limits to her (it's a 16th century town. It's not exactly accessible). Just felt like we drove an hour and a half there and back for almost nothing
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  • @mflowers929 Parents are so funny/annoying about things.

    My wtf is my mom was watching our kids while I was in an appointment, but did not have her phone on so I could not get in touch with her about the fact that we were going to be late back at the house.  I just think that if you are watching our kids you should be accessible...  
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