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can't decide on unusual baby girl name!

i'm having a baby girl and i just can't decide on a name for her. here's what i've been thinking;


as you can see i've picked.. quite the unusual names.
just on sound and the way it looks, what do you think is the best? i honestly can't choose, i love them all. maybe non of them, though? too unusual? will it hinder her in life?
they aren't in order by favorite to least btw. i love them all. so please if you can, help? : D thank you!


  • It seems you like the Tov- names. Of those I like Tovah, possibly nicknamed Tovie. Tovie/Tovi appears to be a Hebrew boys name for what that’s worth.
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  • I personally like Tove, but I think that's partially because of the singer Tove Lo
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  • I love Evanya!! I think it has the perfect amount of “unusual” and it is super pretty. If you like the Tov names better, I think Tovah is very pretty and you could nickname with Tove or Tovie
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    I like the sound of Tovah best. But I'm not sure if it's Hebrew and if it would be an odd choice for someone who isn't Jewish.
  • Tovah and Evanya are both beautiful. I think I also like To ah the best.
  • I like Tovah the best.

    And as a Jews, if you are not, I still encourage the name. It’s a great name and Jewish names are used around the world every day by non-Jews! 
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