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IUGR Early Induction? Anyone else?

All my babies have been small and so this one (my third and final baby) is below the 30th percentile and we have been labeled with intrauterine growth restriction. They are telling me I’ll probably be induced at 37 or 38 weeks. Anyone else in the same boat? My provider said I can choose to go against medical advice but then we have to sign a bunch of paperwork. He is perfectly healthy besides a low weight, so I’m on the fence about where do I draw the line of letting the drs do their work and following my body?

Re: IUGR Early Induction? Anyone else?

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    tkc4tkc4 member
    We were just diagnosed with FGR (IUGR). I’m currently 36w5d. They will now do ultrasound monitoring weekly and depending on how those look (the biophysical profile), will make the induction call then. So we’re playing it week by week! By 37 weeks they are full term so if the ultrasounds say they need to come out, I’d personally rather be on the safe side! 
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