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Breach baby . Please give me all your input 🥲

Okay just looking for input or experiences. So I'm 36 weeks on Friday. At my appointment today my Dr let me know baby is breach and looks like the cord is around her neck. Dr says there's still time for her to flip on her own but wants me to schedule a c-section for 39 is weeks. I'm thinking baby can't flip if the cord is around her neck? I'm looking into spinning babies and tomorrow have a Webster certified chiro appointment.  ALSO,  my 39+0 falls on July 1st. My Dr is not coming back from vacation until the 5th. Which I'm due the 8th. So if it's before then the other Dr is doing my surgery.... idk 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 I'm so frustrated because this has been a totally healthy pregnancy 

Re: Breach baby . Please give me all your input 🥲

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    My first was breach. We attempted an external cephalic version to flip baby. it hurt like hell. we ended up doing a csection at 39+1 and it couldn't have gone smoother. 
    I'm opting for a 39+1 csection again this pregnancy unless baby chooses to come on his/her own before then. we chose this route because my doctor will be out July 2-10 and I'm due the 7th so in order to have my doc then it was the 1st. 
    my one suggestion would be to meet the on call doctor to ensure you would trust them if you end up doing the 39 week surgery. it's also possible that they would let you wait until the 5th to do it with your doctor... have you asked?
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