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Weekly Check-in for DD 11/16 - 11/23 (week of 6/6)

Est Due Date / Weeks + Days:


Upcoming Appointments or Results:

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Re: Weekly Check-in for DD 11/16 - 11/23 (week of 6/6)

  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 11/17. 16+4


    Upcoming Appointments or Results: Waiting on AFP results then anomaly scan at 20 weeks. 

    How are you feeling?: Pretty decent. Heartburn from all the things and tired all the time. The usual 😅

    Rants/Raves: I feel like this pregnancy is flying by. With my first and especially my second, their pregnancies seemed to last a lifetime. Maybe being busy with two kids makes it go quicker!

  • lilswedlilswed member
    @Gingermom15 totally get the flying by- this is my second and can’t believe how close I am to halfway

    Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 16+1


    Upcoming Appointments or Results: June 22-meeting with MFM, genetics counselor, and anatomy scan

    How are you feeling?: pretty normal. Struggling with sleeping - insane dreams or nightmares or just can’t find a good position - just waking tired

    Rants/Raves: feeling Bebe move this week- clear rolls or kicks - mentally refreshing

    Questions: none 
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  • Due Date / Weeks + Days: 11/16; 16+6 today


    Upcoming Appointments or Results: the 20w anatomy scan

    How are you feeling?: I feel crampy sometimes and been having so much work pressure

    Rants/Raves: the work stress. Wish I could get time off

    Questions: none
  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 11/18, 16w4d


    Upcoming Appointments or Results: anatomy scan two weeks from today, 6/21

    How are you feeling?: anxiety is easing up a bit. It helps that I think she's been going through the 16w growth spurt because my nausea and acne came back and my belly is getting more noticeably in the way of my preferred sitting position.

    Rants/Raves: very glad the anxiety is letting up, especially because my big summer internship started this week so I need mental clarity lol.

    Questions: Does anyone else occasionally get a sharp surface pain, almost feels like nerve pain, a bit above the bellybutton if you move just wrong when laying down?
  • @fantasyflyte that sounds like round ligament pain. It can be sharp and quick and feel like a rubber band overstretching. Mention it to your provider next visit just to be safe, but that is what my RLP feels like a lot 
  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 16w + 1d


    Upcoming Appointments or Results: just had an appointment yesterday with the MFM and the babies are looking good! Next appointment is with my OB on 6/23 and then the anatomy scan on 7/7. 

    How are you feeling?: much better! Occasional heartburn, but I am leaning in to this second trimester energy as I know it will be short lived. 

    Rants/Raves: starting to show a bit, which is exciting! Time also seems to be going by quickly.

    Questions: has anyone had trouble taking pills while pregnant? I am starting to have a cold and want to take something to help it but can barely get the pill down. I take gummy prenatal vitamins so it isn’t an issue with that.
  • @fantasyflyte I’m so glad your anxiety is easing up! Also, I agree with Gingermom15 that it sounds like how I would describe round ligament pain.

    Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 11/21, 16w+3D


    Upcoming Appointments or Results: June 29th is my next OB visit with our anatomy scan

    How are you feeling?: I am mostly feeling pretty good as far as the physical part goes. Every once in a while I get a wave of nausea and when I get it I get it BAD. Aside from that just acid reflux and constipation, but neither one feels unmanageable. Emotionally I’m struggling a little more… This baby was not planned or expected and, while the shock has worn off and the excitement has set in, I have been sad over some of the changes that are happening/coming. For example, no more spur of the moment game nights or big trips. That selfish part of me just wishes I cherished the times with just my husband a little more. 

    Rants: These last weeks of school are dragging by and I’m so ready for summer break.
    Raves: We have had terrible weather this spring and we had our first two days in the 70s this week. Huge mood booster! 

    Questions: Anyone have family from out of state who is wanting to stay with you right after baby comes? My MIL wants to come and stay with us for several weeks and can’t understand why we’d want some time to adjust before someone stays at our house… I don’t want to upset her, but don’t know how to establish a boundary when she just constantly says she doesn’t get it. 

  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 16 +6


    Upcoming Appointments or Results: just had a perinatal appointment because I’m over 35. Everything looked good. Baby girl had her legs wide open for the camera. Naughty naughty. 

    How are you feeling?: this week has been really rough dealing with severe round ligament pain. I can barely walk. Sleeping is also very difficult. 

    Rants/Raves: round ligament pain is so awful! 

    Questions: is anyone else having extended round ligament pain- like for days on end? 
  • sburgh23sburgh23 member
    edited June 13
    Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: 11/23 / 16w + 5d


    Upcoming Appointments or Results: Checkin appointment on 6/23 then finding out the gender on 7/6!

    How are you feeling?: I’ve been feeling great! I really haven’t been able to complain too much during my pregnancy. 

    Rants/Raves: Experiencing brief round ligament pain when I get up or adjust too fast in bed. Also experiencing minor headaches. I’ll try to drink more water, but if that doesn’t work I’ll grab some tylenol. Waking up about once a night to pee around 4am so that’s super fun. I have my energy back for the most part, excess gas has gone away and extreme bloating has gone away! Excited to me in the second trimester! Jealous of all the moms who know their gender! I’m so eagerly waiting 23 more days.

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