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Baby Boy names!

My husband and I cannot agree on a name for baby boy!!!
He threw out the name Brick. Which Im not on board with but I haven’t vetoed yet. It’s growing on me. But maybe more as a nickname. Thoughts on Brick?

Re: Baby Boy names!

  • Are you billionaires? If not, then do not name your baby Brick. You may as well stick a target on him to get him beat up all the time. I know this may sound kind of harsh, but I'm a teacher and kids are mean. Really mean. 
  • Lol I wish we were billionaires. I appreciate the candor!
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  • It just makes me think of the youngest kid from that sitcom “The Middle” haha. But I think part of the issue is (1) object names can be tough because they just conjure the image of the object and your kid isn’t a brick (although mine feels like one in my uterus sometimes…), and (2) there aren’t really any good nicknames for Brick. Maybe think about what he likes about Brick and try to find other strong object names that are a little more “namey”, like Cole, River, Ash, Storm, etc?
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