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Regular Deodorant while pregnant

Hello everybody,
I have a question. So I’m 14 weeks now and I’ve switch my deodorant to a natural one after reading google information about harmful products that contains aluminum during pregnancy. Ive tried all different kinds of natural ones and they don’t work for me like my regular one which is Old Spice ( a mens deodorant) the only one that have worked for me many years. I’m sweating more than usual and I would like to know if it’s really a no no regular deodorants or I’m just crazy! This is my first pregnancy

Re: Regular Deodorant while pregnant

  • I'm using Axe, as a fellow smelly beast, and I have been for the entirety of the pregnancy (23w1d). My doctors haven't even asked about my deodorant but they have asked about near everything else in my life. As of pregnancy, my musk has become worse and I cannot stand it. I wouldn't worry about it.
    I am going to personally say that stressing about it is probably worse for your pregnancy.
  • I try not to worry about the sweating because antiperspirants (that’s what has the bad Alluminum )don’t really stop my sweating anyway, so I try to get deodorant without antiperspirant. 
    recently I gave into the relentless “Lume “ brand deodorant ads in my social media.   It does seem to work! No stink all day.    I’ve also used this stuff called Lavilin it comes in a little tub and you apply with your finger. That one works too. Even for more than a day with one application but  I think I prefer the smell of the Lume. 
    All the other natural deodorants I’ve bought over the years haven’t really worked 
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  • Old spice has some deodorants that are aluminum free
  • kookai8kookai8 member
    I have tried so many natural deodorants including Native, Lume, and even homemade ones and they all give me terrible rashes. I asked my ob right away about deodorant and she told me not to worry. I am using Dove 0% aluminum and I have found it gets rid of my stink. It is not an antiperspirant, but that’s okay with me. Good luck!
  • I’ve found that exfoliating my armpits helps too… I know it sounds funny but man, pregnancy I’m bad but postpartum/nursing I WREAK! I have ole henricksen’s walnut transforming scrub for my face and just use that on my armpits and groin occasionally too. Also, double check vitamins because some different brands of vitamins I’ve taken make me smell worse than others, as bizarre as that sounds.
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