New member TTC 17 years!!!

Hey everyone! New here! I’ve been TTC for 17 years. I have one step son and no bio babies if my own. I did fertility testing and multiple IUIs about 10 years ago. Now I’m 39 and going through IVF before I decide to get a hysterectomy. I have endometriosis and terrible monthly cycles… so over it!

Re: New member TTC 17 years!!!

  • Goodness, 17 years. I'm so sorry! I'm new here also, trying for bio baby 3.
  • On and off trying. Did years of fertility treatments....minus IVF. I quit 10 years ago and just never went on need.
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  • Wow, 17 years! You should win a prize! 

    I also have endo and a stepson (13). One thing to consider before a hysterectomy is a consultation and excision with an endometriosis expert. They're relatively rare (do NOT trust your regular gyn with endo!), but there's strong evidence that excision is the only true treatment for endo. Anything else, including a hysterectomy, won't solve it. You can keep your organs and ditch the endo, unless there's another reason to do a hysterectomy. Look up Nancy's Nook, it was just a Facebook group but it looks like there may be a website now, too. It has tons of evidence-based information and a list of doctors who specialize in the very specific excision surgery necessary to treat it. My surgery didn't give me the fertility I was hoping for (though it does for some people), but it absolutely helped with the pain.
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