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HSG exam

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I have to get an HSG test done and I’m extremely nervous after what I’ve read about it and what the ultrasound technician told me at my appointment today for blood work and vagina ultrasound. That it’s “intense” and “painful.” I’ve had a culposcopy and an IUD put in. Is it worse than that? Or about the same? Or how bad is it? I’m thinking of not doing it because I’m so nervous and scared. Or asking if they can sedate me, which I don’t know if they do. 

Re: HSG exam

  • I've had an HSG and it wasn't nearly as bad as I'd heard. Apparently if your tubes actually are blocked it may hurt because they force the liquid through (though it does clear blockages, so they've found that your odds of conceiving naturally increase in the month or two after the procedure). Mine were clear, and they told me to take ibuprofen before the procedure and they offered an anxiety med, which I accepted. My husband drove because of the anxiety pill, but for me it was no more painful than a pap smear and pelvic exam, so mildly uncomfortable but not painful. But do taken the ibuprofen ahead of time.
  • I was also very scared of this exam, for me it was a breeze. The only thing I felt was cramping like if I were to get my period. It was an actually pretty quick procedure. The doctor told me to take an ibuprofen before the exam. You’ll be fine! Good luck !
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