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Medical Managed Miscarriage

Yesterday I started the process of a Medical Managed Miscarriage, I took 4 of the misoprostol as instructed and had pain instantly things started to happen but I felt it was nothing as to what I'd been told to expect, the hospital phoned I told them my concerns so I was told to take the remaining 2 misoprostol i some activity after this but again nothing in the region I was expecting, I was only 5.5wks so I know there wouldn't be much but even the pain has been managable to a certain extent, I am now having a fairly light period. Things seem OK but am worried that the procedure maybe hasn't worked, just wondering if anyone had the same experience? Thank you

Re: Medical Managed Miscarriage

  • I think you will know if you pass the sac.  Usually your doctor will do a scan shortly after to make sure everything has passed. 
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