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IUGR and hypothyroidism

I  32 weeks and I have hypothyroidism. We just had ultrasound today and baby's belly is in 8%. Her amniotic fluid is good and NST was good. But I am still a little nervous about baby's health. Anyone have some advice/experience or words or encouragement to ease my mind

Re: IUGR and hypothyroidism

  • I have had hypothyroidism my entire life and I have had two perfectly healthy babies in the past three years. If you are healthy and numbers are good, I’m sure the baby is okay. However, if you are really concerned, you can ask the hospital to include a thyroid check when the baby is born, with the standard tests they run upon birth, so they can look at things like the baby’s TSH. That’s actually how I was diagnosed— at birth. Personally, I think it was best case scenario because then I was on meds from the get go and grew up with it just being “normal” 
  • I just realized how old this post is— I’m assuming all was good?
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