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1st Trimester


I started bleeding around 9 weeks pregnant and I started passing clots yesterday, when I turned 10 weeks. I just wanted to ask anyone that has had a miscarriage, if these look normal, and if this looks like I passed the baby. I know the picture was taken outside. I was driving to check on my grandmother and felt it and pulled over to remove it off of my pad. I passed about 10 that size, and a few smaller ones. Today just back to bleeding as if I were having my menstrual period. 


  • annie_gannie_g member
    You should reach out to your doctor if you're concerned about a possible miscarriage. 
  • ejoseph16ejoseph16 member
    Definitely looks like a miscarriage. Share that with your doctor for sure. I’m so sorry 😞 
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  • This should be shared with your doctor.  
  • It was shared with my doctor, who refused to see me unless they got bigger. In which they did, and my iron levels became very low. Finished passing the baby just a few hours ago. Thanks for your feedback. 
  • annie_gannie_g member
    I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. Sending hugs ♥️
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    People in this post are terrible diagnosing you w a miscarriage & have no idea what they are talking about. This could definitely be SCH- subchorionic hemorrhage. About a quarter of women experience it and pass clots as huge as oranges and still go on to deliver healthy babies. Just go to ER and get an ultrasound to check baby.
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