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  • Help, please! 

    Riley is perfect. However, he sleeps all day between feedings then at night he’s wide awake. He’s not crying or fussy, he just doesn’t sleep after eating for a while. He just lays down looking into the darkness making adorable sounds. I really REALLY want to play with him and interact during these wakeful periods, but my mom said to try not to interact so he learns that daytime is awake time and nighttime is sleep time. 

    Is this something a newborn can catch onto? Like will it work or will he feel neglected? Should I follow this advice and hope it helps reverse his schedule to normal or should I let it play out and go ahead and talk to him and play whenever he is awake, no matter what time it is?

    I get that he’s four days old and I may not want to spend hours every night awake with him, but right now it’s soooo tempting to just go with it when he’s awake. 

    If you have any tips on how to flip his wake/sleep schedule please let me know!
  • @taylorharris0522 it’s pretty normal for this to happen! Sutton was sleeping a ton during the day during her first week. I basically would strip her after feedings and do what I could to keep her awake, even if it was just for a few minutes. I also encouraged shorter feedings during the day and longer feedings in the evening before I wanted her to have “bed time”. We also found that a really tight swaddle at night helped her stay asleep longer! We do a looser swaddle during naps, so she usually wakes herself up after about 2 hours. 
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  • @skc040512 Riley certainly loves a good swaddle. I’ll try both adjusting feeding based on time as well as changing up the swaddle. It’s overcast here today so maybe getting him outside a while will also start setting that internal clock right. 
  • @taylorharris0522 Taking Cara Babies has tons of tips for helping with sleeping in general. It helped me a ton, even after my baby was a toddler!
  • b_1029b_1029 member
    Getting baby outside every day during the day can help! Unfortunately there’s not a ton you can did to really flip their schedule yet 😵‍💫 it’s rough! 
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  • @coffeemamaaaaa Wow I just looked her up and I’m impressed with the volume and quality of content. Thank you!!!!
  • Hey, what shampoo/body wash do y’all use with your babies? We’ve been using the original Johnson & Johnson stuff but I think it’s drying out his skin a little and I’d rather not need to use lotion, especially on his face. The fewer products the better, imo. 

  • @taylorharris0522 we don't bathe him every day, so that does help. At this age you could probably skip soap entirely 😬 we pretty much only use soap for hair and then just use a wet wash cloth to sponge bathe.
  • Update: we switched to a gentler shampoo and too @pajamstagrams ‘s advice to bathe with only water most of the time. He’s getting a bath every third day now (sometimes using shampoo, sometimes not) and every third bath including soap on his whole body. His skin has cleared up significantly. Thanks!
  • @taylorharris0522 we also don't wash DDs hair everyday either. We do every 3rd day or it will dry out too much... Like it is now, because swim lessons have forced us to wash daily to get chlorine out 🙃
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