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First doctor visit, not what I expected! 😩

tina2toughtina2tough member
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According to my LMP I should’ve been over 8 weeks. At my prenatal appointment the doc did the ultrasound and said the baby was only measuring 5 1/2 weeks. The doctor said that either I ovulated late or I’ll possibly have a miscarriage, she wants me to come back June 1 for a repeat ultrasound.

I’m freaking out, anyone else experienced this???

Re: First doctor visit, not what I expected! 😩

  • paperbirdladypaperbirdlady member
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    I had the opposite happen. At first ultrasound, baby measured 9 weeks when we thought I was 8 weeks. All babies grow at different rates. This may be something to watch but not reason to panic yet.

    Try to take comfort in knowing that early miscarriages tend to mean the pregnancy wasn't viable for some reason. It doesn't reflect on you. Sometimes these things just happen. Rest and take care of yourself. If this is meant to be, things will work out.
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