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osterior fossa cyst and echogenic intracardiac focus (EIF)

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Hi, please help me!
I had my 20 weeks anatomy scan today with MFM. It’s a girl and I’m 35 years old. They say everything looks great and her growth and all measurement looks fine but they did found (Posterior fossa cyst on back of her brain about the size of 4mm small and echogenic intracardiac focus (EIF) white spot in her heart). I can’t find too much info on the Posterior fossa cyst doctor says it links to dandy-walker syndrome and is a soft marker for Down syndrome as well. Also EIF is a soft marker for Down Syndrome as well. I had my NIPT done at 12 weeks and all results were low risk. I’m going crazy here please can someone reply me back and let me know if you were diagnosed with something like this and what was the outcome? I will follow-up with them in 4 weeks esp. to see the size of the cyst in her brain doc doesn’t seem so worried and told me cyst could resolve on it’s own. But I’m freaking out please answer me… I would really appreciate all the help and remember me in your prayers.
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