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Hi all, new here and going through first IVF cycle. I’ve completed 3 retrievals for batching, and doing the last one tomorrow (fingers crossed) and hopefully doing FET next month.

I’m wondering what kind of side effects have you been experiencing with the meds? Mine has changed over the last few months, with this month being the worst (hot flashes, double vision, bloating… all the fun stuff). I’m hoping to find out what else should I be expecting going forward. Thanks!

Re: Meds side effects

  • mina-pmina-p member
    Hi there! I'm also relatively new and have my appt with the fertility clinic next month! I'm super nervous about the side effects of the meds. What were yours like? Thanks in advance!
  • I'm grateful to say that my worst side effects seem to be dehydration so really dry skin and recently night sweats with the progesterone shots.
    Good luck!
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  • ttc3yttc3y member
    I didn’t experience much side effects with the meds with the egg retrieval. I had a little bit of bruising from the injections and my ovaries felt like massive sore softballs until a week after the egg retrieval. 

    I just went through my first FET transfer earlier this month. I’ve tolerated all of the oral meds (estrogen and aspirin) with no problem but I made sure to eat a little breakfast before taking them in the morning. No issues with the estrogen patches or the progesterone vaginal suppositories. 

    The hardest part for me were tolerating the progesterone shots. We started with evening Progesterone shots (50mg/mL) 2mL of sesame oil nightly and that was rough with muscle spasms and significant injection site soreness in the morning (it was sometimes hard to leave bed in the morning or climb stairs).  I eventually got it changed to Progesteone shots (100mg/ml) 1 ml of ethyl oleate oil instead and that made a significant difference along with a deeper massage recommended by another community member. You can find more info on how to manage the shots on the Progesterone Shot thread I created last week. I’m still sore but much more functional and can carry out my daily activities. 
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