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Hey, Regulars who moved to Facebook…

Hey, if any of y’all who moved to Facebook  are still here too, what’s going on with everyone? Can you tell the rest to hop back on here and update us non-Facebookers when babies are born??? I’m really curious about y’all!

Re: Hey, Regulars who moved to Facebook…

  • b_1029b_1029 member
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    I posted this somewhere else, but our baby girl decided she was ready to be evicted 3 weeks early haha. I was in and out of L&D triage / the hospital for a week with high BP and the last time I went I was 37+1 so they decided to induce me. My OB said even though I didn’t have pre-e (just the high BP but no protein), it would likely end up developing into that by 40 weeks. They started me on pitocin around 8 pm and contractions got painful around 1/2 am. I got an epidural and they finished placing it around 3:45. While I was laying down waiting for it to kick in, my water broke and everything went super fast from there. I went from a 4 before the epidural to 10 cm around 4:15, and DD was born at 4:28 am on 4/30! I didn’t get any birthstone jewelry (I really wanted something with both kid’s birthstones for. Christmas) and I’m glad I didn’t 😆 

    eta DD1 is either adjusting or the terrible 2’s have started or a little of both. It has been challenging but seeing the two of them together is amazing. Recovery is going fine, I was lucky enough to not tear so other than a lot of soreness I’ve been ok. 
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    dd 7.6.2020

  • Baby boy is here (arrived last week at 39+2)! Just as big as big sister (~9.5 lb) so we're all glad he came before his due date 🙃

    Recovery is so much easier this time around, and DD is warming up to baby brother ♥️
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  • @pajamstagrams 9.5!! Congrats :) glad he made a bit early of an arrival for sure. 

    @b_1029 your birth story is wild. What a quick final part to labor 😱 glad recovery is going well!!
  • I’m still pregnant!! LOL!!! RCS on 5/23.
    @taylorharris0522 you need to come to FB!!!! 
  • sph97sph97 member
    @taylorharris0522 little man arrived 3 weeks early on 4/20 at 37+1 weeks! I also went into pre-term labor that was stopped at 34 weeks. He was a whopping 9lb 2oz! I went into labor at home around 1am, I woke up with the worst back labor/contractions I’ve ever felt. Made it to L&D around 3am, and was admitted and given stadol by 5am but I wasn’t dilating further than 3cm on my own but my contractions were a steady 3min apart and my blood pressure was high so they broke my water at 8am and I got the epidural shortly after. I was given Pitocin to speed up my labor sometime after the epidural. He arrived at 12:46, because of his size we actually experienced shoulder dystocia (he was stuck under my pubic bone) and she *almost* broke his collar bone but luckily she was able to maneuver him out. She thinks that may be the reason for my stalled dilation and intense back labor! He was also facing my right hip instead of my back, so he came out facing sideways too. Luckily we are both doing great! He’ll be a month old this week and weighing in about 11lbs already! He is developing a strawberry birthmark on the shoulder that got stuck but compared to what could have been, we’re more than happy all he has is a little battle scar lol. 
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    @taylorharris0522 my LO arrived 4 days past his due date on Mother's Day! 

    I labored at home for 16 hours before heading to the hospital because my contractions were so painful and around 3 minutes apart. I was admitted to triage but was only 3 cm dilated so they had me go for a walk. I ended up getting checked an hour later and was at 5cm, so they thankfully admitted me. After about 2 hours I was at 8cm and a half-hour after that my water broke and I quickly dilated to 10cm!

    Though active labor moved pretty quickly I ended up pushing for 6 hours We didn't realize until hour 5 that he had flipped sunny side up at some point in the process and was stuck, which caused me a ton of pain and a very long pushing time. Luckily his vitals stayed steady enough for me to really fight and push him out. I've never been more exhausted in my life, but it was so worth it.
  • @taylorharris0522 I saw you had your c-section scheduled for today! Hope everything goes smoothly for you and can’t wait for an update!

    I had a due date of 5/7, but was induced 5/1 because of my health complications (anemia, being on prednisone and ulcerative colitis). Won’t give all the gory details but I ended up in an emergency c-section (I was shocked because I had 3 easy vaginal births before this), and had a massive postpartum hemorrhage. After a couple transfusions and an iron infusion, my numbers were looking better and we were discharged. Everything is slowly healing with me, and baby girl (we finally decided on a name lol - Sutton) is doing great!
  • @skc040512 oh my goodness!! So glad you and baby are okay. What a scary set of events. I hope you are feeling better and that you and baby continue to be healthy and well!!

    congrats to everyone else! Sooooo exciting to have so many babies arriving!!
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