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Had a migraine tonight (aura but no headache) and I’m freaking out a bit because I tend to get migraines before or during my period when I assume my hormone levels are dropping.  I remember one of my worst ever occurring a few days after giving birth to my daughter.  So I’m worried this could be a sign of a miscarriage or impending miscarriage.  Has anyone else experienced migraines during pregnancy and everything turned out ok?

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  • I've had a couple of migraines so far and my ultrasound on Monday was great. My doc said that some folks who had migraines before pregnancy may actually see their migraines worsen because of all the changes in hormones. Every body is different, every migraine person is different, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was another trigger that just pushed the migraine over the edge. For me it was a food and neck strain. I do think it's worth checking in with your doctor about bad headaches/migraines though. Hopefully that will give you peace of mind and your doctor may have more insight. Hope you are feeling better soon. 
  • I’ve had a few migraines, so uncomfortable. I’ve only had them occasionally  prior to pregnancy as well, I just had an US 4 days ago and everything looked fine, fingers crossed. 
    I found that mine during pregnancy are more related to less to no caffeine intake (nausea wouldn’t allow it this last week) and not exercising (also nausea related). The days I got hit hard were days I struggled getting up moving to do anything. 
    I hope you get to see your baby soon on US for peace of mind. Always reach out to your OB with concerns. The constant worry is so real I feel for ya. Hang in there! 
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  • I've had a few migraines as well so I think it's normal for pregnancy. I would definitely mention it to your OB at your next visit to give yourself some peace of mind though. Migrastil migraine stick has been helpful since I'm not trying to take any tylenol. 
  • Ugh I've had a migraine for a few weeks and it's so draining. I called my OB after the third day and they said take ibuprofen and stay out of the heat. I've only been taking it every other day, but supplementing with cold wash cloths and breaks from my work computer. I have an appointment on Wednesday and am planning to ask if I should ask my GP about going back on medication.
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    I’ve woken up with them. Definitely because I have been clenching at night. I had them really bad with my daughter too. In between I had noticed that I tended to get the right before my period or when I was more stressed. 
  • I also tend to get migraines with aura right before my period, but I also have gotten them with both of my (healthy so far) pregnancies. When I was pregnant with my first child, I got them much more frequently than ever before (although they became less severe). I also got them during breastfeeding and weaning. This pregnancy, I've had 3 or 4. I think they've been less frequent because I'm on low-dose aspirin for another reason. 

    I personally wouldn't worry. I remember being warned that pregnancy might make my migraines better or worse, more or less frequent, but you can always check with your OB.
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