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Frankie for a girl

We are trying to decide between a few names for baby girl coming in Oct & wanted to get some outsiders advice.

Last name Alexander. Potential middle name, Gray.

We thought we were sure it was gonna be a boy, so we were leaning towards Frank. However when we found out it was a girl, we somewhat jokingly started calling her Frankie, but it’s kinda stuck. Are we just setting her up to be picked on? We would make it her official name (not a nick name) as I don’t like Francesca or Frances, etc.

Other options are Eleanor, as I love the sound of Ella Alexander. But considering I don’t LOVE planning to use a nickname ahead of time… should we just forget Eleanor and go straight to Ella for official name? Benefits of Eleanor - coincidently a family name. And I like “Lenny” if Ella didn’t fit.

Also like Ellison, potential for Ella nickname as well. But wondering if it’s too trendy.

Any thoughts just for fun?

Frankie Gray Alexander
Eleanor Gray Alexander
Ella Gray Alexander
Ellison Gray Alexander

Re: Frankie for a girl

  • I like Eleanor Gray. Ellie is a good nickname for that. 
  • Try Franki with no “e” I think that’s a little more feminine and different! I have a female friend named Franki she’s beautiful and such a sweet woman!
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  • meggymemeggyme member
    Personally, I’m not a fan of it as her full name. Frankie is a cute nick name, but for an adult in a professional setting, it seems weird. Can you imagine seeing a Dr Frankie? I also think with the very masculine middle and last name it makes it seem like you wish she was a boy.
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  • With the middle name Grey and last name Alexander it sounds way too boyish.  Sorry but a no go!

    Eleanor is a wonderful name!
  • annie_gannie_g member
    I went to school with a girl named Frankie and she wasn't bullied for her name. I agree with the earlier poster though that using it as a nickname for something like Francine or Francis gives her more options when she's older. 
  • lelkcotlelkcot member
    Eleanor is a lovely name. I would lean towards that - and as PP have said, I wouldn't use Frankie as a full name. Maybe as a nickname if you're dead-set on it.
  • hws80622hws80622 member
    Frankie is cute. Eleanor is incredibly popular right now so I’d personally go with something less common
  • m2am2a member
    Ella Gray Alexander sounds beautiful to me. It’s feminine and strong at the same time. 
  • mb0112mb0112 member
    I wouldn't do Frankie without a legal name like Francesca or Francine 

    Ella and Eleanor are good options too. I dislike Ellison.
  • I always recommend having the official name be what your kid goes by. In this case, I think Ella is perfect. 
    My husband goes by his middle name and it’s caused issues before with employer background checks and even banking issues where someone would write him a check addressed to him Middle Last and the bank wanting it to be First Last. With the background check the employer had him fill out extra paperwork because of his “alias” even though it was still his name. 
    Just to prevent issues like this coming up in the future, I’d name her exactly what you intend to call her. 
  • Personally I love all the names you’ve chosen but all except Frankie are extremely popular right now which makes me lean towards Frankie which I actually love!! It’s so unique and different. I do agree maybe pair it with a more feminine middle name, but honestly I love it either way. But I love unique names. Not names I’ve never heard of, just names you don’t hear often. I’m considering using Boyd for my boy which is the same way —- a little old fashioned and old man ish which makes me a little nervous but I love that you don’t see it everywhere 
  • seveleighseveleigh Just Joined
    I love the name Frankie for a girl! I went to school with a Frankie and it suited her perfectly :)
  • aannalilaannalil member
    Eleanor really good name!
  • dinadoredinadore Newbie
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  • weelweel member
    I think Ella Gray is a lovely combo 
  • kbedfoxkbedfox member
    Frankie as a first name is totally acceptable for a girl, no need to give her a different name you won’t use just so you can call her by a nickname. Even if she’s a doctor, if she doesn’t want to be Dr. Frankie, she can be Dr. Alexander or whatever her last name may be at that point. Go with a name you love! 

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