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Reflux HELP

Hello, any tips for dealing with reflux during pregnancy? I've tried tums and the relief doesn't last very long. Any advice is welcome. Thank you!

Re: Reflux HELP

  • The only thing I have found which is unfortunately temporary but immediate is chewing gum, no idea why but as soon as I pop it in my mouth the heartburn goes away. When I throw the gum out it is 50/50 on if the heartburn comes back but it is severely diminished if it does. I also would love to learn a more long term truck though!
  • Mylanta tastes gross but has helped control it better for me than tums! 
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  • My doctor prescribed Prilosec OTC. It's the only thing that has provided constant relief. Ive been GERD/reflux free for 2 weeks! 😁
  • Hey!! I had terrible gerd which presented as wheezing and coughing. My doctors prescribed me omeprazole and I have to take an inhaled steroid to help, and that did the trick! Hope you get some relief 🙏
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