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According to the app you may start showing at 10 weeks. Especially if this is your second child. Well it’s my second and I definitely don’t feel like I am showing. I feel really bloated and fat, but not showing. And now I’m all freaked out, like what if something is wrong? I’m definitely not a skinny person, so I’m trying to tell myself that’s the obvious reason I’m not showing. But it’s not helping. Anyone showing or definitely not?

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  • Every person and every pregnancy is different. You can start showing this early, but a little later is, I think, more the average. I wish I could remember when I started showing with either of my first two, but it was all kind if a blur. 

    I'm super excited to start showing this time, right now I have just bloating and fat going on, been in maternity pants for a couple weeks already. Maybe we can start the bump pictures this Wednesday? If nothing else, they'll be good 'before' pics?
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    Definitely just feeling super bloated. I have a little "bump" but I doubt it's much baby. Most women who show this early it's most likely bloating and other organs being moved up as uterus grows not actually baby yet. Hope this helps! 
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  • My sister-in-law over the weekend congratulated me on my baby bump, which made me laugh since it's just baby bloat
  • I definitely have a bloat's much more pronounced in the evenings and smaller again by morning, so it's definitely all bloat. I might start taking pictures this week, anyway.
  • With my first pregnancy, I was “showing” by 11 weeks - aka I couldn’t suck it in to hide it or wear my normal clothes at all. Everyone at my work guessed (but didn’t say anything) before I told them at 11.5 weeks. 😬

    I’m 9.5 weeks now and definitely way more bloated than last time, so it looks bigger than the first… but this is definitely just puffy bloat and is better in the mornings. I am not wearing my normal clothes now, but that’s because any pressure on my stomach makes me feel bad.
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  • This is my first and I'm at 9.5 weeks. I've been taking "bump" (bloat) photos and I feel like I look way further along than I am in my 9 week. My mom expressed concern at my weight gain/bump and we're a little worried I could be carrying twins. Curious if folks think this is the standard bloat or if twin mamas felt like this early on? We have our first appt on Friday and will find out more then!
  • @sydneyrose18 I'm 7weeks and bigger then you 😭 omg I'm so fat. I haven't really been onitoring my weight except my partner goes oh youre looking round today 🤣😏
  • @christmascheesecake I haven't been monitoring weight either, trying to save myself from body image issues. This is a rough stage -- when out in this outfit I kept getting the "is she pregnant or is she fat" looks 😅 oh dear, partners and moms can be a headache even with the best intentions!
  • Looks just like my bloat!
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