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Glucose test

Hey, I just did the glucose test. It came back low after 1 hour and in the normal range after 2 hours. Anyone have similar results, what did the doctors say?

Re: Glucose test

  • Were your doctors able to give you any insight on this? I will take the glucose test on Thursday!
  • I get mine in a couple weeks but honestly know very little about it… is there anything I should be doing different in my diet before the test?
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  • mamalady60062mamalady60062 member
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    from what I've read, you are not supposed to change your diet specifically for the test. 
  • Got the call today that I failed my glucose test. Now I go back in a few days to do the three hour test. I’m definitely anxious, but know the baby is still healthy and doing fine and there are way worse things that could happen. Anyone else in this situation?
  • With my last pregnancy I failed the 1 hour test but passed the 3 hour just barley. They just told me to watch my diet better. Everything was fine. 
  • I failed the one hour last week and then failed all four of the three hour draws this week. So I've got gestational diabetes. They're having me meet with a Diabetes Educator at the hospital today, take my blood sugar 4 times per day, did a 24 hour urine collection, and track everything I eat. I looked up a bunch of info about diet so I've been able to start changing things ahead of my appointment today. Hoping it stays under control and I don't need insulin.

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