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Furball Friday (5/6)

Furball is just used for the alliteration. Anyone have any pet pictures/stories they want to share?

Re: Furball Friday (5/6)

  • If I didn’t have asthma I’d have a dog but I love meeting furry friends 
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  • This is Nat and Jones. They adore my husband but me... Not so much. I'm hoping that the baby will make them like me haha. It's cool. I love them anyway!

  • This is marty. I rescued him when he was around 7 years old after my first miscarriage. Hoping for a loving dog to cuddle with but he is the complete opposite. Very independent. He has taught me a lot and drives me crazy but I love him so much. Even if he doesn't show his love back.
  • Here are Alonzo and Victoria. They are goofy cuddle bugs. Alonzo (the tux) is a quiet boy who is always on your lap or snuggled right next to your head in bed. Victoria is much more vocal and awkward about her demands for pets. 

    I also keep a colony of Madegascar Hissing Cockroaches and Zebra Woodlice. I love invertebrates and they are super easy to keep. I'll put their pictures in a spoiler because I know bugs aren't everyone's thing.

  • This handsome young man is Hilton.  He is my daughter’s part-time service dog (he didn’t pass the public access portion of his training so he only provides service at home) and full-time much-loved goofball and family cuddler.  
  • msd15msd15 member
    I have a fat cat Rey who is a serious snuggler and a sweet girl dog Marigold (aka Mari). Rey is probably the most vocal cat I have ever had. She drives me insane, but I love her. Mari is the biggest scaredy dog ever, but so dang sweet.
  • This is Hector. He is my best buddy and goes everywhere with me. He loves to snuggle and is super affectionate. He has a huge personality!

  • Spending time with George, my in-law’s dog, this weekend ❤️ I’m allergic but he’s such a good boy 🐾
  • These are our 2 dogs Vivee (chihuahua) and Enzo (American bully). This is her working to destroy my nice chunky  wool blanket and this is him smiling. 
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