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Weight gain first trimester?

Hi ladies, I’m 12 weeks pregnant with my second and am looking for some commiseration / moral support.  In my first pregnancy, I didn’t gain any weight during my first trimester and felt more or less pretty good throughout. This time has been different. I’ve been super nauseous and eating a higher quantity and less healthy foods as a result (I’m usually a very healthy eater). It has been hard to stop, which is unlike me. I’ve gained like 8-9 lbs!!! (Also was just in my first vacation since the pandemic started for two weeks which didn’t help). I’m of more or less average height and build - like 5’7, 140-145 lbs. So I wasn’t coming into this underweight or anything. 

Feeling really hard on myself, thus the post. Just wondering simply if anyone else is or has been in the same boat. If you’ve been there in another pregnancy, is there hope of it leveling off once I have less morning sickness and more energy in the second tri?!  How did you approach? Thanks in advance! 

Re: Weight gain first trimester?

  • I just posted this on another thread, but it looks more appropriate here. 

    In advance, the TLDR: yes, I hear you, and am having basically the exact same experience. I’m 5’8.5”, pre-pregnancy weight of between 150-155 lbs, and at my 7 wk US 3 days ago, was already up to 162 lbs! Definitely some bloat and constipation, but still…

    The current trouble is that while nauseous, the only foods that sound appetizing throughout the day are definitely not the healthiest, “whole foods,” shall we say. Basically I’m having to force myself to eat ANY of the fruits and veggies I would normally go to first, if not exclusively. All the sudden the idea of ordering a salad I usually love to eat is basically repulsive. I’ve eaten more potatoes, rice, bread, plain quesadillas, and bean and cheese burritos in the past few weeks than over the span of the previous  3+ years. The recent increase in overall calories and high-calories foods has definitely already resulted in perceptible weight gain that my limited exercise capacity can’t keep up with. Trying not to stress, but I feel like this really doesn’t bode well for my hopes of modest weight-gain in pregnancy (read: minimum necessary for healthy gestation). I’m already almost halfway to the recommended 25-35 lb gain for my stature, and only midway through the 1st trimester!
  • Thank you for sharing!! I hear you and it helps so much not to feel alone. Here’s hoping that more energy and feeling better in the coming weeks will help both of us to feel good about how things evolve ❤️
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  • Definitely reassuring to hear that you’re going through the same thing! Yes, fingers crossed that more energetic, less yucky-feeling days are in our future ❤️
  • I’m going through this as well. I’m only 7w 5d, but my pants are definitely tighter. I’m too afraid to get on the scale right now. But I’m having severe hunger and so I’m eating so much more than I’m used to and much more fruit and carbs than ever before. I’m just hoping this hunger levels out because I don’t want to deal with this my whole pregnancy!
  • I really wasn’t expecting this all so soon, either!
  • Thanks for sharing! I think it must level out - and I mean, there’s also a lot of bloat early in so that could definitely be what you’re experiencing! 
  • Ugh I’m in the same boat. Already a chonky mama and its making me SO self conscious. I feel like I need to lose weight :( so you are not alone in how you feel! I don’t even want to step on the scale! 
  • I put on 4 stone in my 1st pregnancy and only managed to loose 2 after having my son. I'm entering this pregnancy 2st overweight. So yeah, totally empathise with you
  • This kid is breastfeeding till every last pound in GONE.
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