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Overdue momma!

Ok, question for all you Mama Bears out there.
I'm 40+2 and no signs of baby wanting to arrive anytime soon. What I want to know is, does anyone have positive birth stories of still managing a natural labour (I was hoping for a water birth) having their baby late?
I know that if it gets to the point where I have to be induced, all of that will be out of the window. But for now I'm still hoping and praying it'll start naturally.

Re: Overdue momma!

  • Hi! My first was born two weeks late, however I never even dilated. I was induced 41+6 and labored on Pitocin Monday morning- Wednesday night. He was born via c section Wednesday night weighing in at 10lbs 10oz. 

    At the end of the day, everyone is different. My cervix never dilated so this time I’m going in for a scheduled c section. My mom had the same problem. She had three c sections. 

    One of the other mamas on this forum dilated from four cm to fully dilated in 45 minutes if I remember correctly. So even when they do your checks and you’re not dilating you don’t need to lose hope! Your body will do it’s thing and your doctors can take it from there!

    Good luck!
  • @krissyrnfnr I’ve had multiple friends go into labor spontaneously the day before an induction when they didn’t have any obvious signs. You definitely still have time. However it happens for you, I hope you have a great birth!
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  • My water broke with my first at 41 weeks, the day before I was to be induced. I needed pitocin because contractions didn't start on their own. I spent time in the bath, but didn't plan to have a water birth so I don't know the specific requirements. Good luck!
  • I went into labor randomly at 40+2, no labor signs before! I wanted med free, but back labor is unbearable so I ended up with an epidural. No regrets there. 
  • saizbatsaizbat member
    @pajamstagrams Congratulations!!
  • @saizbat lol that was with my first 😂 still haven't hit my due date yet this time around!
  • saizbatsaizbat member
    @pajamstagrams oh haha! Well I hope my early congrats would get things moving after you've reached full term lol! I'm 5 days away from mine!
  • sdorojasdoroja member
    Not sure how to create a new discussion so hopefully it’s ok to piggyback off this one. I’m now 40+3 and soooo uncomfortable. Not scheduled to get induced until 41+3. I’ve tried everything in the book to get labour started but no signs at all. I’m 2cm dilated, 70% effaced, -1 to 0 station, and very soft/anterior cervix. Anyone been in this position? When did labour start!
  • jc0820jc0820 member
    @sdoroja with my first, I was 0% dilated and 0% effaced at my 40 week appointment. I got a sweep done and went into labor two days later and had baby at 40+2. Did not expect that at all I thought I’d be way overdue since there were zero signs of progress at my appointment lol
  • sdorojasdoroja member
    I got a sweep done at 40+1 and now I’m 40+3, about to be 40+4 still with no signs so I’m thinking the sweep didn’t work since it’s supposed to be considered effective if you go into labour 48h later. Ahhh so discouraging… going to 41w scares me and I really don’t want to get induced or have a c-section. 
  • saizbatsaizbat member
    @sdoroja Any updates? Hope all is well. I just passed my due date yesterday and also started losing my mucus plug. I also thought my water broke but apparently it didn't. I'm just still 0.5 cm dilated like I was at 39 weeks. I thought losing the mucus plug meant I would have dilated a bit more. So bummed. I do have random contractions that sometimes feel consistent but it doesn't progress. Also the number of texts and phone calls asking if baby is here...gosh. Anyone else on the same boat as me?
  • @saizbat same as you. Dilated 3 cm, lost mucus plug today and no real signs of labor :( so discouraged, and the phone calls and texts from concerned family don’t help.
  • I’m in your exact boat with my third. I’m 40+4 I’ve never been this over with my other pregnancies 
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