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Big belly at 15 weeks!

Everything I've read says that your first baby takes a while to show, but I feel like I've had a tummy since 13 weeks. Now at 15 weeks I feel like I look huge! It's also not just a cute bump over my uterus, it seems like my whole tummy is swollen up. Has anyone else experienced this? 

Re: Big belly at 15 weeks!

  • I've always had larger than average bumps. It all depends on how you carry. 
  • Also we notice our body changes far more than anyone else. We often look huge to ourselves but not to anyone else. I'm short and thinner so I just go straight out. 
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  • @evel91 hi there. We have a few threads already talking about this. We try to avoid one-off posts when there are already dedicated threads on the topic to try to keep the board organized. Thanks!
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