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Miscarriage or Decidual Cast?

Hi everyone, this happened a few years ago but it’s something that i’ve never been able to figure out. I was quite young at the time and to think that it may have been a miscarriage is quite distressing. i’m aware that i cannot receive proper medical advice but just wanted to ask if anyone has experienced something similar and can tell me what the circumstances was. Is this a miscarriage or a decidual cast?

Re: Miscarriage or Decidual Cast?

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  • @hjagt00 The past is in the past.  If you did not have a positive PG test, see your doctor to confirm PG, nor have any medical advice confirming or pronouncing a MC, then please don't even think/say you had a MC. It's extremely upsetting for those of us who have had medically pronounced MCs.  Additionally, it's really angering to think about how 'upset' you are that you MAY have had a MC years ago that could possibly be bothering you now.  For what reason?  You have no medical evidence stating that you had a MC.  You are pulling at strings.  You don't know distressing.  Walk a mile in my shoes...

    Blood clots are common.  I've had some the size of my palm.  My early MCs did not have any clots even remotely as large as some of the ones I had when I know for certain I was not PG.  
    *TW All the Loss* #BitterHagPartyOf1

    October 2015 - 1st MC.  7-8 weeks along. Suspected molar PG, but luckily just a MMC.

    June 2016 - 2nd MC: 4-5 weeks CP

    September 2016 - 3rd MC: 4-5 weeks CP

    RE 1: ALL the testing - 'unexplained'  "Yinz can do IVF or try on your own"

    Feb 2017 - 4th MC: 6 weeks

    RE 2: More tests. Still 'unexplained.'  Called fat for an entire hour-long appointment, cried a lot

    Feb 2019 - 5th MC: 6-7 weeks

    IUD - March 2019-March 2023

    RE 3:  Repeat all the tests. Hoping to try IVF.

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