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Sentimental books?

With my first, I brought “Oh the places you could go” book with me to the hospital. After his prints were taken I asked them to stamp his book and sign it. His great grandparents, grandparents and teachers have signed it. I’m looking for a similar sentimental book that I could the same for my son I’m carrying now. My partners granddad’s health is declining and I’d love for him to sign the book before Joseph is born, just in case. Thanks for any suggestions in advance! 

Re: Sentimental books?

  • What a lovely idea!  I think we might like to do this too!  Book suggestions: (also, do you or your partner have any books that were special to you in childhood?  That might help spark some ideas.)

    Love you Forever

    Guess How Much I Love You

    The Runaway Bunny

    Goodnight Moon
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    I adore Guess How Much I Love You. I started reading The Three-Body Problem - a science fiction novel written by the Chinese writer Liu Cixin. From the first sentences, from the first chapters, I understand that this is a masterpiece. At I found very useful information about the philosophical contexts of this book, about which I even want to write an article.
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