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  • msd15msd15 member
    I tend to fall asleep right away then wake up 3-4 hrs later and cannot get to sleep. I seem to only be able to sleep through the night one night a week right now. The acne is horrible. It’s takes very little to make me go all teary eyed, nausea has gotten better, but honestly that just freaks me out more than anything. Boob soreness is better but nipples still tender. I’m 10wks today. 
  • @jsull1020 ask your doctor about Benadryl or Unisom! My midwife said either of those were fine for my allergies. I was getting so stuffed up at night and couldn’t sleep too. Now I’m sleeping better and breathing better. 
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  • @jsull1020 If you’re on prednisone for IVF, that might affect your sleep schedule too. I’m not a morning person and would wake up at 5am. Slept in the day after I stopped. 
  • @jenkm1110 I’m sorry to hear you’ve struggled with it for years! Was just the strangest thing for me and came out of nowhere. I read some causes could be an iron deficiency which I hope isn’t the case since I’ve never had any issues before and am religious about my prenatals. Glad my appointment is tomorrow so I can bring it up.

    Girl I hear you about the anxiety and symptoms, coming or going. I had some very light spotting and cramping and literally drove myself into a panic, called the OB office crying lol. Spotting went away after two days and then I felt slightly crazy for my phone call since they told me it normal. I think we’re all in that same boat, I keep saying to myself I’ll feel more at ease when I see the next ultrasound or next trimester or when baby is born. I guess this is also the beginning of a lifelong motherhood worry 😜
    I’m really happy to have this platform to talk it out with amazing women like you. Wishing you well and a happy and healthy pregnancy. 

  • Been getting super dry, itchy scalp. Back scalp has burning sensation when touch. Switched to a better shampoo and been putting Aloe Vera on it to help….just hit 11 weeks and the nausea still pretty bad. I wear the sea band bracelets to help and the ginger drops, but just want it to ease since almost to that 2nd trimester. Sigh. And the tiredness….anyone else feeling like it’s eternity to get through these nerve wracking, anxiety driven first weeks? And also not telling a lot of people cause it’s so early…
  • ale4alale4al member
    Absolutely! Each week feels like it crawls by and I feel mostly calm but sometimes I just want to scream from anxiety 😂 but I suppose the anxiety will only stay and get worse from now on even after a successful birth! My boss said you only change one worry (getting to 12 weeks, anatomy scan, safe birth) for another one 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • korymjkorymj member
    Anyone else getting right sided lower back pain. I would describe it as dull, comes and goes. Throbbing at times. Currently 10 wks
  • ale4alale4al member
    edited May 2022
    Yes I definitely get lower back pain now but it seems to switch sides randomly too!
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