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Methotrexate for Ectopic Pregnancy

I had a methotrexate injection on March 10th. My HCG was 26.5 last Thursday. I have been bleeding most of the days from my injection until now. My numbers have been going down over 30% every week. I am so exhausted emotionally and physically. I feel like this is taking so long to get to 0. I worry I will need another injection or surgery. Has anyone else taken this long to get to 0 after methotrexate? 

Re: Methotrexate for Ectopic Pregnancy

  • First off I’m so sorry. I went threw the same thing. It took me months to get down to zero. I was also up to 11,000+ but I had to get 2 rounds of methotrexate. Almost 3…. But it literally took 4 months. The absolute worst. But I got both of my tubes and no surgery. 
  • Thank you, I am sorry for your loss too. Such a scary thing to go through. I just started bleeding again tonight ugh. So I have a feeling I won't be at 0 tomorrow. Thank you for making me feel less alone and more normal. I have been really worried about how slow my numbers are going down. 
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  • I had an ectopic and had methotrexate on March 10th also. My hcg reached zero by March 31. You can take pregnancy tests to see when you test negative is when you will be zero on the blood work. It’s also super important to cut out all folate or folic acid from foods and drinks. They don’t always give you full advice on this and just say don’t take prenatals and cut out like a few high folate foods. I looked up folic acid and folate levels on everything I ate and drank and cut them out until I reached zero. So many things are fortified in the u.s. so I basically had to go gluten free and cut out most fruits and veggies. It sucked but my numbers dropped quickly. I am sorry for your loss.
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