Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

D&C Scheduled Tomorrow- positive experiences needed!

Yesterday I went to my new OBGYN for my first doctors appointment (just moved down to NC from ME last Sunday). I had a successful 6 week ultrasound in ME with a heartbeat detected and everything looked good. They wanted to do another ultrasound at my new Dr’s so they could confirm the due date. The worst thing happened; they saw baby but no fetal heartbeat. I wasn’t even expecting an ultrasound so to hear that there was no heartbeat was devastating. This is my 2nd MC in a row. Every time we’ve tried to conceive, we have, but haven’t been able to carry past 9.5 weeks. I am scheduled for a D&C tomorrow and am nervous, as I’m sure most are. Looking for positive experiences (but is there really anything positive about a MC?) as well as any success stories after having 2 MCs in a row. I guess it wasn’t my time but damn this sucks. 
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