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Side sleeper

My daughter is 3 days old. I’m terrified of the “S” word when she is sleeping. She doesn’t seem to keep in a pacifier once she’s knocked out but more importantly I can’t keep her on her back. She’s small and narrow so she tends to roll to her side easily. While not completely on her side she still leans that direction. Even swaddled in her crib she still leans to sleeping on her side. Any other way I can keep her on her back?

Re: Side sleeper

  • Im pretty sure it’s fine if they get themselves into that position. They just recommend putting them on their back when you lay them down. As long as there’s nothing else in the crib you’re good. Anything added to position her is dangerous. You can always ask her doc about it if you’re worried. 
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    My baby is just a week old, and I was worried about the same thing! I talked with our pediatrician and he basically said it was fine since he is able to move on his own. But we always put him down on his back without anything in his bassinet. It also helps that our bassinet has mesh sides.
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  • Always place them to sleep on their backs, on a firm surface, without anything else in the bassinet. If she rolls onto her side on her own, just roll her back to her back when you notice. Once she is able to consistently roll on her own from front to back and back to front (typically around 4-6 months of age) she doesn't need to be repositioned (but should still be placed on her back initially). Sleep positioners should not be used.

    I hope this is helpful.
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