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Scheduled C-section recovery

would love to get your experience on recovery with a scheduled c section. I am a PT and I understand it from a medical standpoint, but would love to get a patient perspective.

my little stubborn one is footling breech + my anterior placenta only has ECV procedure as 35% effective, so been doing spinning babies instead. Thanks for your insight!

Re: Scheduled C-section recovery

  • Hey!

    I won’t have the exact answer you’re looking for, but I’ll try to help. My last c section was not scheduled. I labored for almost a full 3 days on Pitocin before they decided it was time to go ahead and do one. 

    My recovery was a breeze compared to what I had been prepared for. It was horribly uncomfortable, annoying, and painful… but compared to other surgeries it was about the same. I was 22, I think that has something to do with me having an easy recovery. 

    I was up and walking within three hours. I was encouraged to shower as soon as possible, too. We stayed in the hospital two full days then got released and went home on the third day. I stayed with my parents for a few days for the physical and moral support. 

    I had my son on August 15, 2018 and classes started back at my college on August 22. I was able to go and function pretty normally. My classes that semester started at 8 and ended a little after noon. That’s a pretty big morning three times a week right after birthing a baby. 

    So, my c section wasn’t scheduled and I labored first but it was still an easy recovery. Don’t be scared!
  • Thank you for responding! I know what to expect medically but a true patient opinion is great 
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  • My first c section was horrible recovery wise. (Please don’t be scared) I was 23, did zero research because I didn’t want to scare myself but that backfired. My baby was sideways so it was a planned c section. 
    This time around I know exactly what I’m going to do to make it easier. I’m going to walk more often. I’m going to take my medications. I’m going to tell myself that I will return back to normal. 
    With my first I was in so much agony because my pain meds made me sick so I didn’t take them. I didn’t want to walk or move (I’ve never had surgery before then) I was also struggling with breast feeding. I really thought I would never walk again and that I destroyed my body.  I made myself suffer from not doing research and negative self talk. 
    This time around I’m going to do the opposite. I’ve researched about recovery and I bought myself belly binders, pillows and comfortable clothing. I know I will recover in time and that I will be normal again so that will help with my mental health. Im also going to exclusively pump after the first day of giving birth. 
    I just recommend giving yourself time to heal and to research things like belly binders, heat compressors, scar massaging, walking etc. 
    I’m 100% positive that this time around will be a better recovery because of the knowledge I have now. 
  • Breech baby here too, trying ECV next Tuesday and if not scheduled C section. Curious for the answers here as well!!
  • My repeat c section was Tuesday, now four-ish days ago. Compared to last time, This. Recovery. Is. Amazing. I’m already off the hardcore pain medicine. Motrin alone is keeping it at manageable levels. I’m barely even bleeding today. No labor was a big plus too! Go in, have a baby, leave. So nice!
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