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Scheduled c section recovery

would love to get your subjective on recovery with a scheduled c section. I am a PT and I understand it from a medical standpoint, but would love to get a patient perspective.

my little stubborn one is footling breech + my anterior placenta only has ECV procedure as 35% effective, so been doing spinning babies instead. Thanks for your insight!

Re: Scheduled c section recovery

  • elsiejaelsieja member
    Recovery is honestly fine. Best tips I received: take colace and get up and walk as soon as you’re able to help speed recovery. This will be my 3rd c section. I do not regret repeating the c section for my second child even though I was allowed TOLAC. 
  • tak051822tak051822 member
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    I tell my patients mobility=motility :D . Thank you!
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  • It is like recovering from major surgery.  It may go ok, or you may struggle and have issues during recovery.  No one can tell you how it will go.  I know ladies who were unable to take care of their kiddo for days, I know others who were just fine.  So its very dependent on the surgeon and the patient. 
  • elsiejaelsieja member
    I should note: my 2 previous c sections were done by 2 different OBs in 2 different hospitals in 2 different healthcare systems. My first was an emergency c section and I had the really bad flu (2017-2018 year) and was coughing and sneezing. The second c section was textbook. So, even though I had 2 very different experiences, both recoveries were fine and I am looking forward to doing it once more. Since you’re a PT I feel like you already have a leg up about the human body, anatomy, and recovery. You got this. 
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