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Long post ahead…

My boyfriend and I have been struggling with finding a boy name since finding out we were pregnant. We pretty much immediately found a girl name we liked, but of course it turned out we’re having a boy. 

I’ve been set on the name Leonard, nicknamed Lenny, since the beginning. My boyfriend didn’t like it, but he also didn’t really have any other suggestions. So as the months have gone by, we’ve referred to him as Lenny and it kind of grew on us, but we still never officially decided. 

Last week I got serious about offering any other suggestions, and I came across the name Weston and mentioned it. My boyfriend immediately loved it. So Weston it is.

The struggle now is choosing a middle name. I love the idea of having a one-syllable English word that could be used as a name. Examples on my list include Piers (plural pier), Crew, Laine (lane), Leif (leaf), Rhode (road), Miles, Grant, Banks, and Hue. I possibly still want to use Leonard as a name if we have another son, with the middle name Blue, so I’m inclined to take Crew and Hue off of my list for Weston so the middle names won’t rhyme. I’m also weird about odd and even numbers, and with our last name, I think the middle name needs to have an odd number of letters. So that takes Leif off of my list as well. My boyfriend is partial to Laine and Rhode, and I am partial to Piers, although I like Rhode as well. Since we both like Rhode it should seem easy enough to go with that, but I’m still not 100% on it. 

I’ve been trying to think of any other word-turned-names that could work, possibly nature/sea inspired. Any suggestions?

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