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Abdominal Circumference - 16 Weeks

I had a 16 week early anatomy scan to check growth due to a medication I take. Every measurement was on track, except abdominal circumference was a week+ ahead, in the 84 percentile. Everything I read is possible GD, but most often these scans are later in the pregnancy. I am still worried that I am taking in too much sugar. I started out the pregnancy vegan and ate a lot of vegetables, but I started having aversions to most vegetables. So, I added in eggs and dairy, and I have been craving fruit like crazy. I eat much more fruit now than I ever did, and I'm wondering if I'm tiling the balance to too much sugar. My weight is fine, and I can even afford to gain more.

Anyone have early scans that show high AC that balanced out as the pregnancy went on? Or did you end up with GD diagnosis? 

Re: Abdominal Circumference - 16 Weeks

  • This would be a great question for your doctor. Fwiw, I had GD controlled by diet and during my growth scans they were mostly concerned with overall size and how my placenta looked, as GD can cause deteriorating placenta. If you’re concerned call your doctor. While eating fruit can spike sugar, if you are eating a balanced diet it shouldn’t cause an issue.
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  • I'm pretty sure the AC on my babies has always been 70%+. It's been ~90% recently in late 3rd tri this time. 

    I don't have GD. I think I just make big, chubby babies. 
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  • Hello, I also just had my 14 weeks ultrasound and my midwife called me with the same thing that the abdominal circumference was measuring larger. She said it could be perhaps because of the baby’s posture so I have a follow up ultrasound in 3 weeks. I’m also tilting towards fruits and smoothies in my pregnancy (it’s my first). I have no idea what it could be until after the upcoming ultrasound. It’s scary, I hope it’s nothing serious.
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